Multimedia/Conference Technology

DYTEC plans, designs and executes centrally controlled conference halls and multimedia centres. We plan and supply all the equipment required from technology to specialized furnishing for various types of conference scenarios - international and local conferences, consultations, briefing sessions, festive events, cinemas, theatres and studios, to name but a few. Our conference systems specialize in multi-functionality, mobility, security and complete system solutions.

Modern conference areas call for the full range of amenities that are part of a full conference set-up:

  • Digital wireless conference systems that are easy to handle and configure
  • Reliable, user-friendly simultaneous translating systems with IR signal transmission
  • Systems for electronic protocolling and registration of participants
  • Various types of modern video projection systems incl. 3D
  • Invisible loudspeaker systems compatible with all commercial stereo devices
  • Modern video conference systems
  • Technology control centres
  • Stage technology
  • Conference furnishing